FinnFest Benefit Concert

Friday, October 25, 2024 at Manchester Music Hall - Doors Open at 6pm

About Finn Collier

Twenty-one hours after our sixth child, Finn, was born, we learned he had several congenital heart defects. At five days old, he had his first open heart surgery, and over the course of seven years and seven months, had four more – not to mention the many complications he endured. Finn didn’t live life like he was a chronically ill child. He constantly danced, sang, loved horse racing and his boat at the lake – he didn’t look or act sick on the outside, but on the inside his heart was, as his team of doctors and surgeons put it, “very complex”.

On April 1, 2019, Finn suffered cardiac arrest from an arrythmia which later led to a stroke, and on April 10 th , he was born into eternal life, healed and enjoying supreme and definitive happiness. Because of Finn’s love of music, Finn Fest was created to celebrate his birthday each year in September and raise funds for CHD Research and awareness. Finn was an ambassador for the Central Kentucky Heart Association and also spoke to groups for Central Kentucky Make-A- Wish. He loved sharing his story with others and proudly displaying his “zipper” scar from his five open heart surgeries. He is a warrior, hero and his spirit lives on as we continue to do his work earthside.

All proceeds benefit Congenital Heart Defect Research and Central Ky Make A Wish. There is no cure for CHD and Finn Fest wants to contribute to changing that for kids like Finn!

Thanks for being here and supporting Finn Fest!

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